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5 Tips for a Bathroom in Its Best Light

The bathroom is a space where lighting is especially important. Here are a few tips for creating a bright and inviting bathroom!

  1. Something to reflect upon

Lighting is a very important part of a bathroom’s layout that entails several safety considerations. Planning is the golden rule. Take the time to do your research and to think about the lighting style you’re looking to create as well as the specific areas you wish to highlight. For more information, don’t be afraid to turn to a professional.

  1. It takes two

To achieve optimal lighting, you need two sources of light: overall general lighting and task lighting. And despite what you might think, both are equally important. The first provides high visibility throughout the room, while the other provides directional light targeting specific areas (mirror, above the shower, etc.).

  1. Size matters

The surface area of the bathroom has a tremendous impact on lighting choices. Small spaces call for practicality. It’s best to keep it simple by pairing general lighting with a more targeted source of light. Large bathrooms, on the other hand, offer enough space for multiple light sources and styles: recessed lighting, wall lights, pendant lighting, etc.

  1. Mirror, mirror

Don’t forget the lighting around the mirror. The brighter the better if you want to avoid makeup mess-ups or shaving mishaps! Lighting in this area should be evenly diffused and as close as possible to daylight. That said, halogen bulbs give off a yellowish light that’s nothing like natural daylight. It’s best to opt for LED lights that diffuse white light that bears the closest resemblance to daylight.

  1. Time to relax

In large bathrooms, you should be able to light up different areas independently. To promote relaxation, install a dimmer to control brightness. Wellness installations are gaining in popularity in bathrooms and lighting plays a crucial role in this.

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