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5 tips for a well-lit dining room

This is hands down the most important light in the house. It enlivens family meals and evenings with friends, it enlightens homework time, and it shines bright on your morning coffee. Here are a few pointers to help you find the perfect hanging design!


  1. Shape

Create a well-balanced space by choosing complementary shapes. For example, with a round table, turn towards sphere or cylinder-shaped hanging lamps to highlight the table’s curves. If you have a rectangular-shaped table, choose a double pendant design or a series of single pendants to balance out the length of the table and disperse light evenly.


  1. Dimensions

The size of the lamp must be proportional to the size of the table. If your table is round, measure the diameter; if it is rectangular, measure the width. The perfect light should be 12 inches less than these measurements. And make sure everything is well centred during installation!


  1. Unique style

Mixing styles is definitely on trend. For instance, you can pair a classic-styled light with a Scandanavian-inspired table. It’s all about what you like and the style you want to create in the room. Another trending look, set up a series of pendants in a line or grouped together for a graphic look with perfectly and evenly diffused lighting.


  1. Height

The ideal height from the table to the light (lower edge) is 75 to 85 cm.

If the light is too high, it’s blinding. However, if it is too low, it blocks your view.


  1. Perfect lighting

Halogen light bulbs give off strong, cold white light. On the other hand, incandescent bulbs offer softer, warmer light. Dimmers are a very interesting option given that a bright light is needed for homework, but not for a dinner with friends. Also, don’t be shy to use LED lights. They come in several colours (shades) and can be used with a dimmer.

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