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5 Zen Ideas for a Boho Patio!

Gardens, patios and porches—a wave of exotism is sweeping across our little outdoor havens. Standing as the epitome of eclectic style, boho or hippie chic brings together a medley of natural colours, patterns and materials. Your at-home escape—relaxation guaranteed!


  1. Hanging cocoons

Whether hung in the corner of the patio or under a tree, hammocks are a must for laid-back living! There are even stand-mounted hammocks that can be set up just about anywhere. They give your patio a vacation feel and make the perfect resting place. Or how about a hanging chair. Its vintage look takes us back to the 60s and we love its childlike appeal!


  1. Go vintage with rattan!

Long considered a tad old-fashioned, rattan is making a major comeback! Tables, chairs, sofas and accessories … There’s nothing like rattan to give an exotic flavour to your patio. Braided or elaborately worked, natural or coloured, rattan is key to creating a boho-inspired outdoor space.


  1. Light it up

To create the perfect bohemian vibe, go ahead and use different sources of light to shine warm, soothing light that will drown out your every worry! String lights, lanterns and candle jars will set a calming mood as night falls.


  1. Cool in the shade!

Shade sails are trending right now, and for good reason! They’re perfect for creating shade in specific areas. There’s nothing like taking full advantage of your patio without having to worry about the sun! Much more affordable than traditional sunshades, awnings and pergolas, these stylish, light-weight designs allow you to move around freely in the shaded areas.


  1. Soft throw pillows

No one can resist the appeal of a patio filled with colourful pillows! Boho style is no friend of monotony and symmetry, so don’t hesitate to mix and match different shapes (circles, squares, rectangles), colours and patterns! And since nonchalance is the all-over rule in this type of décor, simply scatter the pillows randomly here and there.

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