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About Luminaires & cie

Light is a Source of Life.


The Company

The Excellence in Lighting. Since 1986, Luminaires & cie is renowned across quebec for its expertise in lighting.

In 1986, brothers Claude and René Gélinas opened their first lighting store in Laval, Qc. Quickly the store took a significant growth which has led them to find new larger premises. With over 25 years of experience and four successful expansions, the Gélinas brothers invest their talent on a brand new project: develop a modern lighting store for today’s customer. In 2010 they opened the current store that not only offers the largest selection of lighting, but a professional service that you expect from a specialty store.The next stage of the project? You are right in it! This website is intended to be the continuity of the physical store. At www.lampe.ca you can see all the news from the world of lighting: inspiring designs, technologies for the 2.0 Home, trends in terms of decor and much more. Lighting is much more than the act of putting a simple light bulb, you can create textures in a room, enhance the ambiance and can even be adjusted to suit your mood. Stay connected with us and don’t miss anything of this fascinating universe.

Why us

Wide Selection

Whether you are looking for a more modern, classic or contemporary style, we for sure have a solution that will fulfill your needs. And if you cannot find what you are looking for in store or online, please let us know and we’ll try our best to find it for you from our 250+ brands. In addition to lights, we specialize in lighting controls, performance light bulbs of all kinds and several LED lights.

Brilliant Advisors

Sorry for the pun, but it’s absolutely true! Our in-store advisors will answer all your questions related to lighting, design and technology that you wish to acquire. Whether it’s a new construction, a renovation or a makeover, come by to see our lighting experts and they will be pleased to assist you. You can view a list of our advisors at the bottom of the page. There’s a list of our advisors at the bottom of the page.

Always Greener

Many technologies exist to reduce your power consumption for a more sustainable future. At Luminaires & cie, we believe that if everyone does their part to reduce its environmental footprint, it is the future generations who will benefit. Come by our store to learn more about the little things that will make you a greener person: LED light bulbs and fixtures, Lighting Control, Home Automation, Motion Sensors, etc.

Commercial and Industrial Projects

Are you opening a new business? Do you want to improve the performance of your existing fixtures? Or maybe you want to reduce the energy consumption of your lights? Luminaires & cie’s professionnal division offers all of these services. We have a team of experts on the road that can solve your problems, contact us for more info.

Free Shipping

Shipping for most orders placed on this web site are free for all purchases of $ 100 +. We also offer you the option to deliver your order when you buy in store. If you need to buy fixtures for your whole new house or condo, we will make sure to indicate the location of each lamp to simplify everything.


Wish you knew more about everything that surrounds the lighting industry? We offer courses that will let you learn more to better appreciate lighting techniques and light itself. You can also schedule an appointment with an expert for a short private training. Sign up for our newsletter or visit our blog for more information.

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