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Brilliantly White!

Elegant, versatile and timeless, white has it all! Not only does it light up a room, it pairs seamlessly with all colours, makes your space look bigger, creates a relaxing environment and highlights the colours and textures of surrounding materials. Whether it’s a bedroom, a kitchen, an office or a living room, you can’t go wrong with white! Here’s a little how-to guide.


50 Shades of white

White comes in a wide variety of shades. The possibilities are practically endless! It’s important to keep that in mind when undertaking this type of decoration project. When you combine several monochromatic tones, you risk ending up with several types of white. After all, shades of white aren’t always easy to tell apart! You have to set the samples side by side to bring out their underlying pigment. Depending on their undertones, some whites are warmer while others are cooler. While warm whites are made of brown, yellow or pink, cool whites contain undertones of grey, blue or green.


Play with textures

White is a great colour for catching light, so don’t hesitate to play with materials and textures: linen curtains, topstitched cushions, loop carpets, embossed wallpaper, etc.


Add a splash of colour

For an even bigger impact, create contrast with bright colours using art, books on a shelf, vases or green plants, etc. These are sure to liven up your space. The good news is that these pieces are easily changed to give your room a new look without performing a complete makeover!


Perfect matches

  • Turn to neutrals, like beige, taupe or grey, for an elegant, easy-going atmosphere that can be either modern or classic (depending on the furniture and materials).
  • Vibrant colours such as red, green or orange make for a modern, cheerful, vibrant décor.
  • You can also choose black if you’re going for a modern, sleek, more masculine theme.


Setting the mood with light

Lighting plays a major role in creating the right mood and bringing to life the many features of various shades of white. The light should be soft and warm. Recessed lights and ambient lights are perfect for this type of décor—they enhance the purity of the space. Spread the lights throughout the room to highlight the space and materials. Preferred materials: pale wood, chrome plating and glass.

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