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Floor Lamps: Great . . . Everywhere!

Practical and space-saving, floor lamps set up in a flash, create pleasant ambient lighting, and add an original decorative touch to your décor. What’s not to love? Floor lamps can be used in any room of your home.


Countless Styles!

Modern, antique, industrial or Scandinavian—floor lamps come in all styles. Featuring a lampshade and a base usually made of wood or metal, classic floor lamps are used to brighten specific areas and adapt to every type of room. Direct lighting lamps shine upwards and create a warm ambiance. Some models feature adjustable reading lights—perfect for a reading corner, for instance. Lastly, arc floor lamps are used to shine down onto a couch or an armchair, or over a coffee table. These pieces are sure to make a statement!


Multiple Uses

Most often kept for living spaces, lounge areas or reading corners, floor lamps are spreading out to the entire home!

  • In the living room, floor lamps are still a favourite for creating ambiance lighting. They’re often equipped with a reading light and a dimmer.
  • In the entrance, floor lamps can be used to light up the space while adding an element of style!
  • In the office, they can be used as targeted lighting for a work space (the light shines downward towards the desk), or as a room’s main lighting (with indirect lighting towards the ceiling).
  • They’re rarely the first models that come to mind, but floor lamps are very interesting choices for a child’s bedroom. Standing over 27 inches tall, there’s no danger of your little one reaching the bulb! They’re also a great way to brighten the play corner.
  • Take your indoor floor lamp onto the balcony! It’ll create a stylish look while lighting up your summer nights.


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