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Lighting up the Outdoors!

The balcony is undoubtedly the most appealing fair-weather space! To spruce it up and take full advantage of it, lighting is a must. Hanging lights, string lights, wall mounts … The selection and possibilities are endless!


Wall lights

These discrete yet practical models are usually mounted to the side of a house, a shed, a porch, etc. They give off a wide and generous beam of light, and can accommodate higher wattage bulbs as well as motion sensors.


These models shed direct light that allows you to highlight specific areas. They can be fixed, built-in or anchored in the ground, and they shed warm light, making them perfect for pathways, steps or flower beds.


Hanging lights

Is your balcony roofed in? A hanging fixture will give off nice warm light, shinning the perfect brightness above the table! Be careful not to overdo it—for additional lighting, turn to other sources like spotlights, post lights, etc.


Landscaping lights

These come in various shapes and sizes (pillars, lanterns, etc.) and provide wide-beam ground-level lighting, well suited for the balcony floor, pathways or the pool deck.


String lights

If you’re looking to create a festive outdoor ambiance, look no further! String lights can be wrapped around tree branches, attached to a wall, hung on a bench or set up above the balcony. Choose those specifically made for outdoor use.



3 brilliant tips!


  1. Use a variety of sources of light to create a warm, inviting space: wall mounts, outdoor lamps, candles, pillar lights, etc.
  2. Make a statement. Light up a plant, an object, a sculpture or a wall to highlight key outdoor features!
  3. Draw on the set-up in your living room and find the right balance of functional and ambient lighting.



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