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Low ceilings? No problem!

Rooms with low ceilings often feel confining. But no need to worry. There are several lighting solutions and tips that can help fix this!


  • The first rule is to shine light upwards to create the illusion of height. The brighter the ceiling, the higher it will seem. The second rule is to avoid ceiling pendants as much as possible!


  • Wall-mount fixtures shining indirect lighting towards the ceiling are the perfect solution.
  • Dome lights are also great. These designs are well-suited for low-ceiling rooms as they take up very little space.


  • Lights with wide beam angles (over 90 degrees) are valuable allies.


  • Rail-mount spotlights are also an effective solution to spread out light without using up the available height.


  • Turn to lamps and floor lamps. Their height is appropriate for low-ceiling spaces. Make sure to choose designs that shine light upwards.


  • Consider making smart use of your lighting! Install vertical rail-mount spotlights and point them in different directions. Install hidden lights, like behind tall furniture or attached to a bookcase.


  • In the kitchen, you can install LED strip lights over your cabinets. There has to be a 30 to 40 cm gap under the ceiling. Set up as many of them as you can while making sure they are out of sight.



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