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FollowMe Plus Portable Lamp

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SKU A657-011

It was in 2017 that Inma Bermúdez decided to create the FollowMe Plus lamp. It offers you an equal quality of light but with more power than the classic FollowMe portable lamp. Its size and luminous flux are also more extensive which gives you the advantage of highlighting it more easily. With its delicate oak handle, you will be able to bring it to the desired location to project the desired light. Thanks to its LED light and its micro USB charging cable, you will always have the light that will allow you to make the place where you are. [SHORTDESCRIPTION]

Model : A657-011

Collection : FollowMe Plus

Marque : Marset

Finish : White / Oak

Dimensions : 11,34" (Hauteur) x 4,84" (Base)

Light : Integrated LED 2700K (5W), Dimmable (3 intensity)

Lumens: 290lm

Full charge: 10 hours, micro-USB cable included

Battery Life: 20 hours (Intensity 1), 10 hours (Intensity 2), 5 hours (Intensity 3)