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Scandinavian Flair

Simple. Comforting. Timeless. Scandinavian décor makes for bright, welcoming spaces. Up in this northern region, the cold winter days are especially long and natural light is scarce. It’s no wonder lighting takes on such an important role in interior design!


  • Lighting shines softly and warmly, as would the flame of a candle or a fireplace. No need for high-output lighting, there are lights scattered all over the room!


  • A true classic in Scandinavian design, the colour white brightens a space like no other. Add punches of colour, like blue, green, red and yellow, or choose pastel colours, like pink, baby blue or mint green.


  • Pale-coloured wood is also a dominant trait in Scandinavian design. It can be seen in everything from furniture, to flooring, and light fixtures. Wood is the perfect pairing for natural fabrics, such as leather, linen and cotton.


Nordic-style furniture is streamlined, without frills or overstatements. It’s a combination of simplicity, ergonomics and functionality, with comfort and practicality forming the very core of every piece and accessory.

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