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Spotlight on 5 Major Trends in 2018!

You like learning about the latest trends in decoration? When it comes to lighting, the new year has every style covered! Warm metallics, streamlined shapes, dazzling designs, industrial, retro or Art Deco-inspired looks … Light fixtures are front and centre in 2018!

  1. Gold Rush
    Brighten your décor with brass and its polished reflections! Its golden tone, available in a matte or glossy finish, adds a charming hint of glow to any space! Brass has long been associated with classic styles. However, it’s now breaking out of its conventional shell and blending with modern, contemporary interior spaces. Born in 2016, this trend has become well-entrenched in the world of décor.

  2. A Touch of Retro
    A new rendition of Art Deco makes its debut in 2018! Opt for a few flagship pieces from this design period, like a floor lamp, a hanging lamp or a table lamp, to add a well-integrated flashback to your modern-day décor. And don’t be afraid to incorporate a retro or colourful piece to your industrial décor!


  1. Black and White: A Forever Winning Combination
    This timeless pairing, marked by elegance and refinement, is making a comeback. Master this colour trend by adding a black-and-white light to your space. A touch that will express sophistication and class!

  2. Tripod Floor Lamps … A Bright, Fashion-Forward Idea!
    With its classy and convenient design, this is the perfect light to fill an empty space or spruce up an unused corner of the living room. It can be used as a reading light or for ambient lighting. Given the wide array of tripod floor lamp styles available, you are sure to easily find the perfect fit for you and your space.
  3. Organic Designs
    Nature-inspired models, sleek lines, neutral colours and natural materials—green, environmentally-friendly trends are making their way to our light fixtures! We like their open, airy designs that shed diffuse, soothing light.


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